Children, Family & Friends

A woman and her son during a photo session in Parc Guell, Barcelona
A photo from a session with two cousins
A girl and her brother on their vacation photo shoot in Barcelona.
A boy walks on the beach in Barcelona
A girl in Parc de la Cuitadella, during her vacation photoshoot in Barcelona
Two children run through one of Gaudi's arches during a photoshoot in Parc Guell, Barcelona.
A girl plays hide and seek during a vacation photo session in the Borne, Barcelona
A boy lets a salamander lizard climb up his arm
A portrait of a boy before diving off the rocks at La Fosca, Catalunya.

Photographing families and above all children is something Cathy was born to do. Having 3 children herself she knows how important it is to capture these moments as time flies by so quickly. It is something she has been doing from the very moment she started photography over 30 years ago.

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